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They say they see you.

But then they don’t invite you to the conversations.
But they accidentally on purpose forget to add you to the email communications.
But they ignore what you are saying, & yet receive the same message from someone else

They say they have safe spaces.

But those spaces are far from safe, when it is deemed okay to feel white supremacy is not so bad?
But those spaces are homogeneous, and from the start you are an ‘other’
But those spaces aren’t welcoming for those who have a different lived experience

They say you are welcome.

Being unique is what contributes to making each one of us special. It seems to be a time where we are noticing each others differences. Let us not just notice, but let us appreciate and remain openly curious about the diversity that exists among us.

We are all blessed with unique aptitude’s and virtuosities. We all have distinguishable styles and characteristics. No one lacks this, we may not know it within ourselves or others may look at us with their own lenses, but our blessings still exist nevertheless.

Being different is something to be honoured. Life would certainly not be…

The white supremacy of our westernised, capitalist society is evident in the fact that many white-bodied people maintain a structural advantage over people of colour in nearly every aspect of life.

White-bodied people maintain an advantage in
➡️ Education
➡️ Income
➡️ Wealth
➡️ Politics

This is the case today because countries like the US or the UK were founded, organised, and developed in a white supremacist context, such as slavery and colonialism.

It is important to recognise that white supremacy today is a multifaceted system that manifests in a myriad ways, many not overtly hateful nor violent — in…

I can be kind, humble and powerful.

I choose to challenge on International Women’s Day.

No, wait a minute, I choose to challenge every damn day, not just this day.

I don’t want attention for it, I don’t want a day talking about women’s rights, I would rather you actually start giving some to us.

Think about it, less than 100 years ago, in the UK, 1928 The Equal Franchise Act was passed giving women equal voting rights with men. All women aged over 21 could now vote in elections. Before that fifteen million women’s voices were not heard. …

Through my eyes - Post 1- 27th Feb 2021

I am lucky,

I am blessed,

for I have seen the world,

through my lens.

This is my story

I have spent the past year in spaces that were brand new. Not brand, like Kanye’s “brand new whip, or brand new sh*t”. But brand new in such a way that I felt the quantum shift. Leaped back in time with just a blink.

So what was so historical about the people and places in these brand new spaces.

I was to be shocked into silence, and sometimes lit ablaze with rage…


There are four key values that motivated me to become a coach. These were a desire to experience equality, justice and fairness, with a true sense of community in the world. I believe in the value of coaching, and feel it should be available to everyone.

My aim is to bring immense positive impact to my clients, as well as everyone I encounter. I want my clients to have a deeper understanding of their true authentic self, beneath all the conditioned limiting beliefs they may harbour. I want to support my clients with…


Facilitator, Consultant & Coach 🌍 Inclusive Leadership 🌍 EvolvExplore Bookclub 🌳 Outdoor Coach 📚 Existential Learner

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